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Definition of tradigital marketing
Connecting brands and customers

What We Do For You

You’re great at your thing. Whether your thing is creating, helping people, or selling something. You didn’t start a business because you kick ass at marketing (unless you did and you’re just creeping on us?).

We are great at our thing. Our thing is connecting businesses to the people that give them money. We do it through numerous marketing tools including digital advertising, media buying, websites, SEO, social media, reputation management and more.

What’s more valuable than your customers? Nothing. That’s why we’ll treat them like BFFs.

We won’t sell you everything

We offer a lot of services, but you probably don’t need all of them. We can customize a marketing package to fit your needs, so you pay for what you want and keep the rest of your hard earned money.

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Digital Advertising

Get In Front Of Your Prospects, No Matter What Screen They Are On


Want your business on page one of a Google search? Of course you do! Let us help.

Web Design & Development

From basic sites to ecommerce integrations, we can build and host your search optimized website.

Reputation Management

Consumers Are 71% More Likely To Make A Purchase Based On Social Media Referrals

Social Media

Develop Meaningful Relationships With Customers, Current & Future

Traditional Marketing

Want to reach the masses via radio, TV or at events? Our team has decades of combined experience to lead you to the ultimate ROI.

Our Clients Past & Present

Ready to reach more customers and make more money?

Yes! Let's talk.

Mastodon Media is a fully integrated advertising agency based outside Seattle, WA. With more than 30 years of experience, Mastodon is one of the leading ad agencies in the region, offering a full-service approach and customized ad solutions.